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As violence against women intensifies across war torn areas of the Arab world and Africa, with your support The House of Rest is able to offer compassionate solutions to the women who need it the most. From finding safe shelter and providing food to educational programs and resources for women in need, The House of Rest works with women experts who understand the terrain and can easily find solutions to ease the suffering of women from all walks of life. 


Your support will enable us to enter hostile zones and help to ease the suffering of women and children in some of the most darkest places in the world, offering vital emergency refuge to women from all backgrounds including survivors of rape, kidnapping, slavery and forced marriage.

The House of Rest provides a wide array of services, such as art programs, English language courses, microfinance projects, computer literacy classes, self-defense training, and specialized medical assistance. In 2018, we initiated men's group programs to enhance our mission of providing support and empowerment.

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