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Syrian mother and child refugees wait in line to collect food supplies in northern Iraq after fleeing Islamic State. Fighters raided their town and killed most of the adult makes leaving hundreds of widows and orphans behind.

About Us

Around 15 million Syrians and Iraqis have been displaced, since 2011 due to war and instability, with four million scattered abroad as immigrants and refugees. 

The House of Rest is a 501 (c3) non-political, non-governmental resource center for women in Northern Iraq that aims to bring hope to women caught in one of the most horrific humanitarian crises since World War II.


Established in 2014, by the first Australian English speaking News Anchor in the Middle East and humanitarian, Hermoine Macura-Noble, The House of Rest was Macura-Noble's answer to the cries for help she witnessed during her time reporting on the Syrian humanitarian crisis. 

Offering humanitarian solutions to those in need, the resource center also conducts regular health, educational and training programs for women and children throughout the year.

A house of help, healing and creative programs to women at risk, in need, survivors of Islamic State, widows and other victims of war, The House of Rest focuses on embracing all women, regardless of their nationality or religious affiliation. 

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